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Kids Unplugged! (ages 5 – 13)
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Get your child unplugged and outside, exploring nature, hiking, imagining, growing food, making friends, and having fun! Our activities follow the seasons and children have a choice of activities at each weekly class.

Fall is for hiking in West Rock Park, harvesting and cooking from the farm, caring for farm animals, and playing in the woods! We will build forts, hold chickens, have campfires, play games, and make home made pizza.

Winter is time for snowshoeing, building snow forts, following wild animal tracks in the snow, making maple syrup, cooking and baking in our teaching kitchen, and enjoying nature arts.

Springtime brings baby farm animals, wildflowers, and gardens to be planted! We will dig in the dirt, wade in streams, play and hike in the woods, care for baby chickens, and make new friends!

Activities include both structured and unstructured options, with teachers offering at least one activity choice each day as well as options for kid-led play and adventures. We know that children learn in many ways, and the goal of this program is to allow time to play, imagine, make friends, be physically active, and be in nature.

Group size: up to 36 children with six adult staff, supported by high school student counselors. Activities are mixed age and welcome children ages 5 – 13.


Our staff are experienced adult teachers and environmental educators who have significant experience with teaching and caring for children and having fun in nature! Our teachers are joined by high school counselors who are enthusiastic and valued program assistants.


Free school bus transportation is available from many schools in New Haven. The bus route for 2023 – 2024 will be shared when it is available! We anticipate busing to start the second week in OCTOBER, so families will need a transportation plan for the first weeks before busing is available.

Return transportation is not available and families are responsible for pick up from 5:20 – 5:30 PM.

For children being dropped off by a caregiver (no bus), drop-off is anytime after 3:00 PM.


Financial aid is available to qualified applicants from any town. Apply online HERE.

2023 – 2024 School Year Schedule

Monday – Friday from 3:15 – 5:30. Children may be enrolled for one or more days per week.

Program starts on Tuesday, Sept 5, 2023. (note that bus transportation is usually not available until mid October)

The calendar with program closure dates for holidays and staff professional development is HERE. Each day has the same number of total operating days (closures are evenly distributed).

2023 – 2024 Tuition:

ONE day per week: $560 annually, paid in 5 installments of $112 each

TWO days per week: $1,120 annually, paid in 5 installments of $224 each

THREE days per week: $1,680 annually, paid in 5 installments of $336 each

FOUR days per week: $2,240 annually, paid in 5 installments of $448 each

FIVE days per week: $2,800 annually, paid in 5 installments of $560 each

Kids Unplugged Cancellation policy

Tuition is billed at the time of enrollment (typically August or September), and again on October 10, December 10, February 10, and April 10. Any future tuition payments will be cancelled at the time a program withdrawal is received. No refunds will be issued for classes that a child does not attend.


Questions? Call David Girard at 203-389-4333 x 1221 or email