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2023-24 Daily Schedule

Common Ground’s school day begins at 8:00 each day and ends at 3:05, except on Wednesdays, when students are dismissed at 12:40. For 2023-24, we are changing our daily schedule to allow guidance groups — our advisories, which stick together all four years of high school — to meet at the start of every school day, as well as for a longer blocks on Wednesdays. All seven classes meet daily M/T/Th/Fri, and every other Wednesday.

Wednesday (A Week / B Week)
Guidance: 8:00-8:21
Period 1: 8:25-9:15
Period 2: 9:19-10:09
Period 3: 10:13-11:03
Period 4: 11:07-11:57 / Lunch A: 11:03-11:29
Period 4: 11:33-12:23  / Lunch B: 11:57-12:23
Period 5: 12:27-1:17
Period 6: 1:21-2:11
Period 7: 2:15-3:05
After school programs start 3:15
Guidance: 8:00-8:11
Period 1 / Period 5: 8:15-9:05
Period 2 / Period 6: 9:09-9:59
Period 3 / Period 7: 10:03-10:53
Period 4 / Guidance: 10:57-11:47
Guidance: 11:51-12:40
Grab & Go Lunch: 12:40
CGHS Staff Meetings 1:15-3:05
School Year Calendar

Our school year is based on a semester system.  Most core academic classes last the entire school year, with some electives and internships running for one semester. This allows for a greater variety of classes, and for students to get a fresh start two times each year, while also providing continuity in core subjects like English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages.  It also aligns with Common Ground’s commitment to prepare every student for college, since most colleges use a similar semester system.

When the weather is inclement, Common Ground generally follows New Haven Public Schools’ delay and cancellation schedule. Weather updates will be posted on our web site, social media, and WTNH news, and will be send out by SMS.

For a complete 2023-24 school calendar, click here (PDF document).

Upcoming High School Events
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