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Daily Schedule for 2020-21

Common Ground has modified our daily calendar for 2020-21, to work with our hybrid and distance learning model. Classes meet for 2 80 minutes one week, and 3 80-minute periods the next. The school day starts at 8am daily; it ends at 3:20 on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and at 2:30 on Tuesday and Friday.

This schedule is the same whether students opt into hybrid learning or 100% distance learning, and continues as Common Ground has needed to move 100% online.

We updated our Wednesday schedule in December to provide more of what students need: individual and small group academic supports; guidance group check-ins; and opportunities for college and career exploration, community service, wellness, physical activity, and arts/recreation.

8:00-9:20 1 3 Core/Guidance Check-In (8-8:10) 1 3
9:30-10:50 2 4 What You Need Wednesday Activities 2 4
10:50-11:30 Lunch
11:30-12:50 5 7 Guidance (11:30-11:40) 5 7
1:00-2:20 6 8 What You Need Wednesday Activities 6 8
2:30-3:20 Guidance Staff Meeting Guidance – Class Meetings Guidance  Team Meetings
3:30-4:00 ASPs, virtual office hours ASPs, virtual office hours ASPs, virtual office hours ASPs, virtual office hours ASPs, virtual office hours

School Year Calendar

Our school year is based on a semester system.  While some core academic classes last the entire school year, students’ schedules generally change each term. This allows for a greater variety of classes, and for students to get a fresh start two times each year, while also providing continuity in core subjects like English, Math, Science, and Spanish.   It also aligns with Common Ground’s commitment to prepare every student for college, since most colleges use a similar semester system.

When the weather is inclement, Common Ground follows New Haven Public Schools’ delay and cancellation schedule.

For a complete 2020-21 school calendar, click here (PDF document).

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