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Why Monthly Giving Works!


Step one: Click HERE to make a donation

Step two: Find the “ ” box.

Step three: Click the box and make your gift

Final step: Enter your info, hit donate and feel good. You’ve just done something awesome!

So….where’s my money going?

  • A $10 gift contributes to students having the best supplies to excel in the classroom.
  • A $15 gift contributes to every student getting a healthy breakfast and lunch daily.
  • A $20 gift contributes to us maintaining our farm that feeds our students and the city of New Haven.

But wait….there’s more!

  • Never get annual end of year ask again!
  • You also get updates on where your contributions are going and the impact you are making to steward environmental and social change!

Why your gift truly matters in the words of those touched by CG

 Em Perry, Class of 2018
“When I think of Common Ground, I think of the home that I’ve made here, from my guidance family hiking and singing together, to sleeping over in the outdoor classroom with my best friends, to feeling safer here than in any place I’ve ever been.”


  • Kyle Lewis a CG student who worked the summer at Common Ground, learning how to cook by chefs Fathiya “Thea” Williams and Theresa Brooks.
    “I love cooking. I like cooking here because it gives me learning experience. Even though Ms. Thea is a hard worker, she pushes me and I like it because I want to go to culinary school after I graduate and she’s preparing me to make sure I know everything I need to know for culinary school.”
  • Leesandra Mendoza, CG senior who is a rising poet in the school community.
    “Without Common Ground I wouldn’t think about having a voice as a student. I’ve had teachers come to me and just say ‘you have some great poetry’ without that, I don’t think that I would be out there spreading my poetry.”
  • Stephen Stanley, a CG student who is loving and living the sustainable, healthy habits learned at Common Ground.
    “I’ve started eating healthier ever since I’ve come to Common Ground. I never really ate fruits and vegetables like that until high school.”