Candi Fulcher 2020-11-09T09:45:38-05:00

Candi Fulcher holds the Manager of Environmental Leadership and Portfolios position here at Common Ground, and also co-teaches the Senior Environmental Justice Capstone. Her duties include: 

  • Helping students through the 4-year portfolio process 
  • Identifying and promoting leadership opportunities 
  • Assisting with teaching leadership and agency in guidance and through school wide events and programs 
  • Supporting the planning and execution of senior projects 
  • Helping students reach graduation requirements

Candi Fulcher came to Common Ground at the start of the 2018-2019 school year. The mission and goal of helping students reach their full potential and see new opportunities is one of the main reasons she was drawn to Common Ground. She believes that in her position, “Every day I have the opportunity to help students develop confidence around their identity, talents, interests, and how they can contribute to making the world  better for themselves and their community.” 

Candi has always worked in education, and the job she held before Common Ground was as a Site Director for New Haven Reads, where she oversaw the tutoring of around 100 students and managed 125 hours of tutoring a week. Candi studied African American Studies as an undergraduate, and has a master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction. 

Candi also enjoys reading, learning new things, baking, cooking, and writing.