Jared Dennehy 2023-01-22T17:37:21-05:00

Jared Dennehy teaches Core 10 Social Studies and other social studies courses, and is a guide for members of the Class of 2026. He graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with his social studies certification in 2021, and started as a summer school teacher at Common Ground the very same Summer. He started the 2021-22 school year a Support Educator, and then took over the Core 10 Social Studies teacher position.

Mr. Dennehy enjoys being able to work at a place where his relationships with coworkers and students is one of mutual improvement and support. He tries to encourage students to come to a self-understanding of how best to balance their work and play lives.

Mr. Dennehy is a hobby artist who adores pixel art and ink pens as a medium. He plays video games when he has time after work.