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John JessenJohn Jessen presently is a detective, computer hardware and software interpreter, information retrieval and delivery specialist, job coach, college bound guidance coordinator, emerging reader expert, storyteller, puppeteer, and a doctor of readers advisory. In other words, a public librarian!

One of his childhood hero’s was Johnny Appleseed. The thought that someone could walk across America planting apple trees in one’s wake was almost too much for John to fathom as a boy! But becoming a librarian allows him to plant apple trees of a different kind every day at his post in the Courtland Wilson Branch Library in the Hill section of New Haven!

When John is not at the library he can often be found helping his family as they garden, raise chickens, and rabbits. He is still searching for ways to share his bumper crops of cherries, plums, peaches, grapes, and currants with the army of squirrels that live him the trees near their home in New Haven.

John is thrilled help spread the story of an amazing ecology high school, fantastic all ages programs, and summer camp offerings of Common Ground to all who live in the greater new haven community.