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Ms. Samantha Townsend currently teaches AP English Language and Composition and Senior Environmental Justice Capstone. She is also the 12th Grade Team Lead, and a guidance group leader for members of the Class of 2023. 

Ms. Townsend joined the Common Ground team as a Core 10 English teacher in 2019. The moment she came on the site for to interview, she was drawn to the school’s inclusive environment. As a new immigrant to the United States, she recognized that “it was just the place I needed to continue my career in education, and to continue my pursuit of helping my students to aspire for excellence in everything they do.”

The flora and fauna, the farm, and the natural resources at Common Ground also reminded her of her home country, Jamaica. Ms. Townsend identifies strongly with her home country — “the sun, sand, and sea island of Jamaica.” She grew up in a quaint business town called Santa Cruz, in the bread basket parish of St. Elizabeth.

Ms. Townsend has been on a path to education since she was a young person herself. She entered Teachers College straight out of high school, and went on to earn her teaching credential and bachelor’s degree in English education in Jamaica. Her goal since then has always been to provide the best instruction to her students and to strive towards ensuring they are ready for the future. She taught High School English in her home country for almost 12 years, before immigrating to Connecticut in December 2018. Since coming to Common Ground, she earned her Master’s in Communications at Southern New Hampshire University.

Ms. Townsend now lives in Hartford County, where she keeps a map of the world — she loves travel, and her goal is to visit as many countries and states as possible. Alongside travel, Ms. Townsend enjoys cooking dishes from her home culture, gardening, arts and craft projects.  She also said she enjoys spending time with her family; even more so now because she doesn’t see them or talk to them as often as she used to. 

Ms. Townsend’s favorite Bible verse is also her daily motivation. “I know the plans I have for you,” said the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29: 11