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A project  of Common Ground, Audubon CT, US Fish and Wildlife, Yale Peabody Museum and New Haven Public Schools that is part of the New Haven Harbor Urban Watershed Wildlife Refuge Partnership

Schoolyard Habitats is a national program lead by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to teach students about native plants and wildlife and encourage environmental stewardship. For the New Haven program, Common Ground has partnered with Audubon CT, US Fish & Wildlife and Yale Peabody Museum to work with schools that are ready to create a schoolyard habitat and integrate the new natural teaching space into school curriculum. As part of the program, we provide ongoing support to schools as they design, build and utilize their habitat.

Partner Schools


Edgewood SYH sign and student artists

Edgewood School

Barnard Environmental Magnet School

Columbus Family Academy

Worthington-Hooker School


Edgewood Magnet School

East Rock Community Magnet School


Bishop Woods School

Conte West Hills School

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US Fish and Wildlife Habitat Guide

Suzannah Holsenbeck, Program Manager
Melissa Gibbons, Coordinator

The Schoolyard Habitat Program is part of the New Haven Watershed Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership