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Schoolyards Program: Teaching

Outdoor Days 

Full-day learning experience gets the entire school engaged in your outdoor learning space! Activities may include planting,  garden maintenance work, art projects, habitat lessons, and more. What a great way to energize your school around your outdoor learning space!
Students served: whole school

8-week Seasonal Units 

Invite a Common Ground educator to teach a seasonal outdoor learning unit, and get your students learning outside every week for two months! Units include gardening, schoolyard exploration, science, and more! Two 90-minute classes must be scheduled on the same day.
Students served: two classes

Outdoor Learning Specialist

Do you want to use your outdoor learning space to its fullest potential? An Outdoor Learning Specialist spends a full day at your school every week for the entire school year! The Outdoor Learning Specialist can teach classes as scheduled by teachers, lead an afterschool program, engage students who need a break from class, and maintain your outdoor learning space. 
Students served: whole school

Field Trips to Common Ground

Fantastic hands-on learning experiences on the farm or in the forest at Common Ground’s campus. 
Students served: from one class to the entire school

Field Trips at School

Enjoy a field trip without leaving your school! Our educators bring you programs like Exploring your Schoolyard, Visiting Chickens, Soils and Decomposers, and Group Building. These “trips” may  include indoor and outdoor learning. Schedule two or more classes on the same day for a discount.
Students served: from one class to the entire school

Family Engagement Events

Invite student families to enjoy your schoolyard or visit Common Ground. These school-wide or grade-wide events offer family engagement and nature-based play as Common Ground’s staff team hosts seasonally relevant activities.

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