Suzanne Crelin 2020-11-09T12:49:18-05:00

Suzanne Crelin is a social worker here at Common Ground High School. This means that she is here to not only support individuals, but our Common Ground community as a whole as we “ride the waves of life.” 

Before landing at Common Ground, Suzanne served in the fields of education, and healing art in several roles – teacher, principal, yoga therapist, and mind/body practice facilitator. Suzanne has been a part of the Common Ground community for a number of years as a restorative justice/mindfulness facilitator, clinical social work intern, and now a full-time social worker. 

 She was drawn to Common Ground through her admiration for what we stand for, as well as our relationship with the land and all of the nature that surrounds us, the students and families who gather here everyday, and all of the people who work here. 

Aside from her job, Suzanne loves laughing, music and dancing with others, cooking, learning, and being with family and friends. She is a firm believer in love and strives to walk the path of love as she holds in her heart the words of Dr. Cornel West, “Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.”