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From the start, our founders & supporters aimed to break new ground and change lives in our community.


In the 1980s, community members and educators came together with shared purpose: connect city residents to the natural world, grow healthy food in our community, and change the way we educate our children.

On 20 acres of city park land, Common Ground’s founders cleared tons of garbage and rebuilt a historic farmhouse.

In 1997, our founders opened the nation’s first environmental charter school – committed to academic excellence, environmental understanding, and community leadership. Common Ground has grown into a leader among the 300+ environmental public schools across the country.

In 2010 Common Ground convened a broad group of students, parents, and community partners to design a plan for the use of this unique 20-acre site. The resulting plan for our future imagined how Common Ground could change more lives and step forward as a national leader.


[one_half_last][quote author=”New Haven Independent, July 2013″]State education chief Stefan Pryor has followed Common Ground since it broke ground in 1997. ‘…It’s so rare in public education that this kind of education blossoms,’ he said. Not only does the school give students practical knowledge that they later channel into internships and careers, Pryor said, but its hands-on methods engage students in a way that ensures they keep a love of learning. ‘It opens up a new world to them.’[/quote]


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