New Haven Independent: A Polluted River Runs Through It

By: Melinda Tuhus

This student from Common Ground High School is a budding environmentalist. She saw a lot of common ground in two presentations about water from local and global perspectives.

Marisol Vega was one of three Common Ground students who attended a Tuesday morning breakfast with their teacher to learn about the prosaically titled “Global & Local Water Concerns” at the New Haven Lawn Club.

a Jun was followed by Connecticut environmental attorney Russ Brenneman (pictured). He pointed out that Connecticut used to be one of the most industrialized states in the country, but that manufacturing base has disappeared, much of it abroad. He said he can still buy the “same amount of stuff” as before — all imported. So the state’s air and water is much cleaner now, because other countries are paying the environmental costs of industrial production. He told a personal anecdote to illustrate his point. “Many years ago, we were the lawyers for the transfer of the machinery of what turned out to be the last brass plant in Waterbury to China,” he began.

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