What Kids Can Do: NH Neighborhood Through Student’s Eyes

For the past five years, students in the Four Corners course at Common Ground Charter High School have been mapping the histories of neighborhoods throughout New Haven. Now, they are publishing their findings on a new website.

History teacher Joel Tolman and his students describe their project to WKCD:

Tolman:  The Four Corners course is team-taught by a history and an English teacher. My co-teacher, Monique Frasier, grew up in New Haven; I was a complete newcomer to the city when I started teaching this class five years ago.  We start the class with a big project where students create museum exhibits on New Haven neighborhoods for an elementary school in our neighborhood. During the second half of the class, we shift from a focus on the history of the whole city to the stories of particular neighborhoods. The whole class is 13 weeks long.

Read more on the What Kids Can Do website.


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