School Yard Habitat crew plants donated shrubs

by Giana, Common Ground student & Schoolyard Habitat Crew Member

Recently Common Ground received a donation of 25 shrubs from New Haven Academy, and the School Yard Habitat Crew planted them throughout our property. The shrubs included were rhododendrons, hydrangeas, Andromeda, and boxwood. Lexy from Duck Truck Composting brought them to our site, and we spent some work days finding good homes for them.

When we first saw the shrubs most looked sad and dead, but after we planted them they became more alive, and looked a lot happier.  These shrubs are a beautiful addition to the CG plant family. Look for them on the hill side in front of the farm house and also on spring side ave. in front of the chicken enclosure, they make a nice green barrier to hide the fence.

In order to plant these shrubs we had to dig big holes, twice the size of the root ball. We had to continuously measure the size of the hole so it wasn’t too small or too deep for the root ball. It was hard work putting the plants in, but we’re proud of the results. The crew will water the plants throughout the fall, and we look forward to seeing the beautiful flowers in the spring.

Before the shrubs were planted on spring side ave.

Before the shrubs were planted on spring side ave.

The results of our spring side ave. planting

The results of our Springside Avenue planting



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