Construction Update January 2014

The first important phase of our big building project has been largely completed and construction activity is pausing briefly as we line up our second phase of work. Work that has been completed includes:

  • The berm that separated Common Ground from Springside Avenue is gone.
  • A new stormwater pipes have been installed and detention basins created that will help manage stormwater on our site. This system needed to be in place before construction of the new building could begin.
  • A new student path that goes from the bus stop behind the garden and up the hill to the school is almost complete.
  • The parking lot expansion is also partially completed.

The next phase of work will begin in mid-February. During phase 2 of work we will:

  • Finish grading the berm area, and cover it with the woodchips that are now piled along Springside Avenue.
  • Finish grade the new educational wetland so that it is ready to plant in the spring.
  • Finish the new student pathway.
  • Create new parking areas at the far end of the parking lot.
  • Drill the wells for the geothermal system, which will heat and cool our new building.
  • Install special metal sheeting along the driveway in order to keep it from collapsing while the foundation is being dug later this spring.

This next phase of work will take a month or more to complete. We will send out a more detailed description and timeline as soon as it has been finalized. For now, enjoy the peace and quiet!


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