Common Ground Board Meeting – August 17, 2014

Present: Claudia Merson, Ben Gardner, Jane Lee, Mike Doolittle, Frank Mitchell, John Jessen, Babz R. Ivy, Wendy Battles, Monique Frasier, Bob Parker, Melissa Spear, Joel Tolman, Liz Cox, Rebecca Holcombe, Betsy Sneath.

Business Requiring Approval

Common Ground’s Board of Directors met on August 17th to develop draft vision and values statements for the organization. In addition, the board held a short business meeting to approve invoices over $10,000:

  • $32,445.83 to Servpro for the work they did restoring the school after the bathroom fire.  We have received a check from our insurance company already to cover this.
  • $12,162.49 to Fresh Concepts for all of the camp T-shirts, hoodies and water bottles.  Shirts and hoodies are being sold and most of this expenditure will be recovered.
  • $10,000 to Gray-Organschi for work through July 24 (bidding, redesign).
  • $11,128 to Elm Shakespeare Company for the artist in residence program.
  • $19,760 to Corporate Systems Consulting for new chromebooks, printers, ASUS batteries and other computer products for CGHS

Claudia moved to accept the invoices and Ben was the second voice.  Board voted to approve the motion and pay the invoices.

Bob made a motion agreeing to the necessary conditions for accepting the CDBG funding and authorizing the chair to sign.  Ben was the second voice and the motion passed.


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