Common Ground Board of Directors – Minutes October 2015

Present: Kim Futrell, Frank Mitchell, Mike Doolittle, Bob Parker, Wendy Battles, Monique Frasier, Beth Klingher, Claudia Merson, John Jessen, Ben Gardner Liz Cox, Joel Tolman, Melissa Spear, Kimball Cartwright, Betsy Sneath, Rebecca Holcombe
Regrets: Babz Rawls Ivy, Kerry Lord, Jane Lee

Welcome & Minutes: Meeting opened with announcements, including the Charter School conversation Nov 5, as members reviewed the minutes. Bob made a motion to approve and Mike was the second. The body approved the motion.

Business Requiring Approval: Liz presented the anti bullying policy which had been revised to include teen dating violence as a form of bullying. Other changes include updates to parent notification which now requires multiple contacts, investigation protocol, and the meeting format. Extracurricular acts become a school concern when they lead to disruption to the school day. Claudia moved to approve the anti bullying policy and Kim’s voice was the second. The board approved the motion.

Invoices: Melissa outlined the pending invoices and shared receipts and statements for review: Newfield $845, 111.06 The invoiced represents 51% of the building total cost. Construction is 3 weeks ahead of schedule CBIA health insurance $19 643.95 Gray Organschi $5817.61 NHEP $3666.00 CG Visa $4021.00 Wendy made the motion for approval to pay and Beth was the second. The body approved the motion.

Construction & Renovation: Melissa led the group through the financial summary and details in the renovation proposal for the “old” school building. The estimated cost is 1.7 million and includes HVAC, new windows, siding, and premium doors. The building committee will meet Thursday to refine. We have $750, 000 to spend and may need to raise another $100,000. With details we may proceed to construction documents. Conversation will continue at future meetings.

School: Liz shared the school highlights explaining the chronic absenteeism rate on the dashboard, 9%, and recognizing the all school hike as a success after last year’s difficult hike. The Sophomore trip went well. And It is currently College spirit week with mid term approaching.

Community Programs: Rebecca noted the kids unplugged video link on the digital dashboard and continuing efforts to incorporate more supervised unstructured play into afterschool. Interest in the school garden resource center remains strong. Public schools and groups are encouraged to consider the green schoolyard concept, native plants, unstructured play, and natural playgrounds.

Development & Outreach: Joel unveiled this version of the dashboard with the number of topics reduced by a third, fewer indicators, no finance and space to determine governance measures. Kimball focused on ways to engage around major gifts and Giving Tuesday through Crowdrise Nov 24-Dec 1.

Financials: Melissa pointed out finance highlights from the dashboard noting the holdover of summer camp funds. Claudia made a motion authorizing Melissa to designate process to update documents for the bus. Mike’s was the second voice and the motion passed. Members completed conflict of interest forms before the meeting adjourned at 7:15.


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