Common Ground Board of Directors – Minutes December 2015

Present: John Jessen, Benjamin Gardner, Frank Mitchell, Jane Lee, Kim Futrell, Claudia Merson, Joel Tolman, Liz Cox, Rebecca Holcombe, Kimball Cartwright, Melissa Spear, Jesse Delia, Monique Frasier, Beth Klingher

Regrets: Michael Doolittle, Wendy Battles, Kerry Lord

Welcome: A holiday cookie buffet opened the solstice meeting.

Minutes: Beth made the motion to approve the November minutes and Jane’s voice was the second. Members passed the motion.

Business requiring approval: Melissa presented the invoices for board review.

  • NH Investment Fund $5,950 interest on RISC Foundation loan
  • Newfield construction $671,449.72 through Nov 30
  • Sarazin construction  $28,163,52 doors & hardware, school security fnd
  • (CBIA insurance $19,445.65)
  • URI $5,,000   Fall 2015 Intern supervising Green Jobs C
  • NH Parks Dept $10,000 rent
  • Sam Cohen $7600 School Garden RC website design
  • Visa Reconciliation
  • Bank Reconciliation

Ben made the motion to approve payment of these invoices and Claudia’s voice was the second. Members voted to support the motion and pay bills.

Building Tour: The group took its first official tour of the new space.

Program: Liz reminded that it was time for the term to change on campus and everyone is aware. The school had a successful service day before Thanksgiving but as the term continued the challenge of absenteeism is a concern as numbers increase. A great deal of energy is committed to tracking and documenting especially in cases where there is hospitalization or other extenuating circumstances. There was some discussion on best way to report on these kinds of situations in the material the state expects. Liz also mentioned student participation in the Winter festival and plans for teachers to be available or on campus at times during the break to support students who might benefit from the extra attention.

Rebecca introduced Jesse and mentioned the wreath making event as a cross organization collaborative effort. They discussed data collection efforts required by CDBG funds that provide for some community programming.

Rebecca introduced the idea for a new program that might launch next year, the nature year program which would be one part pre school and one part home school Sept thru June. There was some discussion and Rebecca agreed to circulate a plan for this program, which would not require a daycare license.

Outreach: Joel wondered if it was time to return to the strategic priorities conversation. Melissa reviewed budget and finance detail on dashboard and notes along with prep for the new building. Budget meetings are being scheduled to plan for the coming budget; representation is desired.

Development: Kimball reported on Giving Tuesday follow up and described some new ideas for taglines from the committee.

Meeting adjourned by 7:15.


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