New Haven Independent: Common Ground Receives EPA Support

“Fueled by a $75,000 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency, New Haven’s Common Ground High School has launched Teaching Our Cities—a new project that will help urban public high schools grow a new, diverse generation of community and environmental leaders. Today, Common Ground announced five other public high schools from across the Northeast United States who will join in a year-long effort to share best practices and improve their schools:

At Boston Green Academy, every student is challenged to pass a series of “Green Milestones” on their way to high school graduation—for instance, giving Green Talks to schools and adults on a community environmental issue about which they care deeply.

The campus of Connecticut River Academy is true to its name: located in Hartford on the banks for the Connecticut River, the school immerses students in water quality testing, river cleanups, and environmental justice questions related to urban waters.

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