Common Ground Board of Directors- Minutes January 23, 2017

Present: Wendy Battles, Mike Doolittle, Monique Frasier, John Jessen, Beth Klingher, Jane Lee, Kerry Lord, Claudia Merson, Frank Mitchell, Bob Parker, Babz Rawls-Ivy, Melissa Spear. Staff: Kimball Cartwright, Liz Cox, Rebecca Holcomb, Diane Litwin, Joel Tolman. Guests: Joe Lesiak, Niyonu Spann, Cornell Wright

Wendy called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM

Public Participation

Niyonu Spann was present to give an update on Common Ground’s work with the CEIO project. She gave the board a brief history of the work that she and Bill Graustein have undertaken with CEIO and introduced the board to components of the work. A question and answer period followed.
Joe Lesiak addressed the board, sharing his hope that the CEIO Work Plan currently being developed would include trauma informed learning on the part of both students and staff. A question and answer period followed.


Beth moved approval of the minutes of the December 19, 2016 meeting. Mike seconded. APPROVED, with one abstention.


Jane reported that the committee had met just prior to this meeting. They reviewed the bank reconciliation and the credit card statement reconciliation. In addition, Melissa presented a six-month budget statement showing actuals and year-end projections. There will be another look at the projections at the end of the third quarter. Jane reported that everything is in good shape. Melissa also shared with the committee the timeline for developing next year’s budget and clarifying the committee’s involvement in that timeline.

Executive Director’s Report

Melissa outlined her process for developing the 2017-2018 budget. The Finance Committee will work with her at their February and March meetings. A draft budget will be presented to this board at our May meeting, with final approval at our June 26, 2017 meeting. Melissa announced that Deb Greg has been appointed as the new Farm Director; she will start mid- to late-February. Roía’s chef, Avi Szapiro, has approached Melissa about the possibility of using Common Ground as a wedding venue, a possible revenue stream. She will meet with him soon to discuss.


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