Red, White, Don’t Shoot

By Ihsan Abdussabur
CGHS Class of 2018

Another vicious gang seem to make an outburst
An outburst in unlawful homicides
That spread like damaging pesticides
And because of the popularity of the clean color
It is often set aside

Shining light from the heavens
On these violent intimidating shadows
But these adults are taking the lives of the young
With 2 arms behind their back
Because it’s unbelievable that they’re unarmed

They are world wide, but they started in America
Without gang signs
You can still address them from 911
Son to son they take

Not seeing people for who they are
They make sure they’re the last thing their victims see
They decree this when they sign up for the training
The best color being blood red
They love bringing the best out of you

All comes the clean cops cars
Shinning with the pride of protecting the city from itself
By making the population decreasing leading to a number 911
White for W
Double crews they ask dispatch too
Come at the scene to clear these shadows
Shine bright light from their finger twitching to the trigger
To get rid of these blasphemous people
They will never reconsider

Showing their colors
Red, White, and Blue
Red blood, Being watched by these white faces
As they were that outfit so dark blue
But their goals being to take away the blacks
To whitewash these streets
While they shine light on these black faces

Red, White, Don’t Shoot
As they open the doors in the sky
Bringing these black teens closer and closer
To the gates of heaven
But hell is what these leftover families
Experience when they go through the entrance
Of hate and grief
That these gang members had released
On their badge and their gun
And having the authority
To take a life off a mother’s unarmed son
These gang colors that are flashed in the streets
Red, White, and Blue
Address the colors to them they will say “Red, White, Don’t Shoot”

Not hard to believe this gang is very popular
They often say they’re “back at the office sir”
But many people refer to them as police officers
Clearing their victims
Making black men faces white
By making them pail when they are taken into the afterlife

Making these minorities shot, decrease
By making these blacks shot, deceased
From the grips of life they make sure they’re shot, released
These gangs never seeing the beauty in black life
Only viewing blacks as shot, as beast

Representing law enforcement
But only a few represent the reaper
The innocence of there humanity within the department
Along with the graves are being digged deeper
Not all officers are in this gang that is negative
But media constantly rightfully exaggerate there actions
Make the sedative of this next level cause it is ridiculous
The reaction the courts have of their
Constant life taking fingers
Pushing against in a second to take life with a trigger
Mindset to get rid of these..people

Not really dirty cops because the judge views them as clean
Life creating again the 1960s to repeat history
Life’s not being tortured
Because this gang claims them
You black men feeling the wrath of the mislead
Because it’s not the same to them


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