A Parent’s Perspective: A Day of NatureYear

NatureYear parent Tim Sway is an artist and upcycler, and one of his many hobbies includes making things and having adventures with his son Vance, some of which he documents on video. Tim made a video about Vance’s adventures at NatureYear (the video was sponsored by Carolina Boots). This special program allows children to spend a full day outdoors every week. Some are home schooled and some take a day out of their regular public school week to learn-by-doing out in the woods of West Rock Park. Our NatureYear staff discuss why they love working with children in a forest setting and how they empower their students to be leaders, adventurers, and community members. This was filmed on one single November day and is a wonderful snapshot of our students and teachers learning and playing in the woods! If you want to learn more about NatureYear or add your child to the waitlist check out our NatureYear home page.


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