Common Ground Board of Directors Minutes- January 2019

Meeting of the New Haven Ecology Project Board of Directors
January 28, 2019

Present: Wendy Battles, Charles Negaro, Brian Springsteen, Errol Saunders, Babz Rawls-Ivy, Michael Doolittle, Beth Klingher

Staff: Liz Cox, Elena Augusewicz, Deborah Greig, Betsy Sneath

Regrets: Bob Parker, Jane Lee, Kyeen Andersson, Ilene Crawford, Kerry Lord, Terri Snell

Public Participation: N/A

Wendy called the meeting to order at 5:36

No public participation but Wendy and Errol talked to Z this week about student involvement on the Board of Directors. Z does have a student who is interested in attending the board meetings in the future, Wendy is hoping he’ll be here next month.

Business Requiring Approval

Minutes: December 2018
Errol proposed an amendment to remove Ms. Hicks phone number from the minutes
Brian moved to approve with amendment
Michael Seconds

Administering Medication Policy
Wendy stated that we will not be voting on this policy tonight. She asked that you please email Liz if you have additional questions.

Liz stated that this policy is being amended due to a new public act that allows students to self administer medications as long as the school has documented parent and physician consent. That update is now reflected throughout our school policy. In order for self-administration to happen the nurse must be given instructions and put together administration plans. The Nurse is responsible for overseeing self-administration but can designate that responsibility when they are not here, the designee must be trained in the administration technique. The new policy includes pieces about storage, recording, and disposal of medication. 90% of school staff are already trained in epipen, inhaler, and hands-only CPR administration. Some specific employees are trained in more advanced techniques. The board will be able to review this document in-full and vote on it at the next meeting.

Recruiting video invoice: Paul Horton $6400.00
Babz moved to approve
Charles Seconds

Beth stated that the Finance Committee recommends that we make our PCLB Loan repayment for $350,000.
Charles moved to approve
Errol Seconds


Finance Committee- Financal Dashboard

Jane is out today, Michael said they’ve decided to meet twice per month instead of once per month in order to better support Betsy. When Jane and Bob are back the Finance Committee will do an in-depth cash flow analysis with projections. The budget process has started and meetings are being scheduled with managers.

HR Report

Liz let the board know that Keith Johnson, the Assistant School Director, is leaving his position to return to a career in teaching on Feb. 8. Monique Frasier has agreed to move into the role as an Interim Assistant School Director, she has a lot of experience at CGHS and knows the students and staff well. In the spring we will run a full search and hiring process for a permanent AD. This position does require a teaching certification per the State of CT. Until then, we are back-filling Monique’s English teaching position.

Organizational Updates


Next year is our charter renewal, we have already started gathering data. We don’t have a definite plan or dates from the state yet.

Executive Director Search

Wendy said that the hiring committee met last Friday and they have started reviewing applicants. There is a strong but small pool of candidates, so far 6 will be contacted for initial phone screenings. The committee is developing the screening call questions now. Some applicants have strong financial backgrounds while others are stronger on the school and social justice side. Beth would like to recommend pushing the deadline for applications back to Feb. 18th to get the biggest and broadest group of candidates. We have reached out to some search firms to get an idea of cost and time. We want board members to push this job opening to their networks again, the last time we promoted it was close to the holidays and now may be a better time for applicants.

Strategic Plan and Draft Mission Statements:

Wendy recapped the strategic planning process and explained that more work was done at a recent all-staff meeting. We have finished up with our facilitator, Deloris Vaughn, and are in the writing process now. Wendy encourages board members to send in their feedback to Elena or another member of the Strategic Planning Committee.

Two draft Mission Statements were brought to the board meeting for review. Board member feedback will be relayed to the Mission Writing Team and when a final draft is written the board will vote on it.

New Business

Brian would like to ask for field trip chaperone volunteers, there will be a field trip to the Ethnic Heritage Center at SCSU on Thurs. Feb 21st from 8:30-12:00.

Deborah would like to let everyone know that the Winter Farm and Garden Conference is being held this weekend on campus, it’s open to all, please share

Wendy adjourned the meeting at 6:36

Next Meeting: February 25, 2019, 5:30 PM


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