Three Reasons to Attend the CG Farm & Garden Conference

Every Summer, Fall and Winter The Common Ground Farm and Schoolyards Program hosts a day of learning perfect for the School Educator, Backyard Gardener, small scale Farmer, curious Food Explorer or Food Justice Activist! We are thrilled to feature a KIDS TRACK for children, ages 5-12. 

Only $5 for a half day or $10 for a full day of workshops, on gardening, cooking, herbal remedies and more, plus lunch! You can register at this link until we are sold out – and at these prices that may be soon.

What do you picture when you think of a farm and garden conference? Who’s there, what do you hear or learn about? What’s offered at lunch? Is it for you? We’ve dedicated the teaching slots to local talent – and there’s a lot of that in New Haven. Here’s a bit more information about three of the presenters. Scroll to the bottom for a schedule for the day. 

Tammy Chapman, The Glass Jar Natural Skincare

Tammy Chapman will teach the workshop Herbs for Everyday Living.

From her bio: “I am a home gardener, wife and mom of five, founder and maker of The Glass Jar Natural Skincare and now The Glass Jar Natural Tea Company:. I’m fascinating by everything the ground can produce; leaves, roots, flowers. So many of those items can be used in our Everyday Living to bring health and joy to our lives!”

Farron Harvey, Fractal Change

Farron Harvey will teach the workshop Black Folxs and Farming.

From their bio: “Farron Harvey is queer with facial hair and their pronouns are she, her, and sometimes they. Farron has been doing facilitation and movement work since the age of 16. Farron has also started farming in 2017 and committed to exploring her relationship to the land ever sense. She believes that the most revolutionary thing that you can do is cook and gather with your loved ones, especially when our current society does support the value of community cooking and bonding. In addition to her love of land and community, she is passionate about holding space and creating change with community and those directly impacted by it. Farron created Fractal Change with the idea of helping organization, companies, and small business to invest and support their employees in leadership development and offers a variety of other services to meet the needs of all her clients.

Disha Patel, Common Ground and Sanctuary Kitchen

Disha Patel will co-teach the workshop Foodways: Traditional Medicinal Korean & Indian Cooking, with Lauren Kim.

From her bio: “She has been her grandmother’s kitchen helper since the 1990’s and comes from a family of agriculturalists, so much so that her last name – Patel – stands for the Gujarati word “patlikh” or farmer. She has spent most of her years on a circuitous path of immigration advocacy, arts/cultural programming to the most tangible of pursuits: producing healthful food. She believes cooking & growing your own food gives you power & that it isn’t just the food that is vital, but the act of eating together that creates a platform where any form of activism can sustainably happen. Disha is the Food Justice Education Coordinator at Common Ground and is on the programming team for Sanctuary Kitchen.

Please join us Feb 1, 9:00am-3:00pm Register here:  If you need/want/love more gardening workshops this winter, also check out our partners at Neighborhood Housing Services who are starting a gardening workshop series with Rachel Ziesk. Click on this link to see their full schedule for winter 2020.


Workshops Include:

Session 1-Morning

Planning your Learning Garden with the CG Farm + CT Schoolyards 

Backyard Poultry-Intermediate with Country Companions

Planting Pollinator Friendly Farms + Gardens with CTNOFA

KIDS TRACK: Sheep + Wool Part 1

Session 2-Morning

Black Folxs and Farming with Farron Harvey of Fractal Change

Foodways: Traditional Medicinal Korean & Indian Cooking with Disha Patel and Lauren Kim – FULL! 

DIY Insect Hotels with CT Schoolyards

KIDS TRACK: Sheep + Wool Part 2

Session 3-Afternoon

Garden Bed Building with the Growing Entrepreneurs NHLT

Composting at Home + for the Planet with Domingo Medina of Peels on Wheels & CTNOFA

Herbs For Everyday Living with Tammy Chapman of The Glass Jar Natural Skin Care

KIDS TRACK: Maple Syrup

*Children ages 5-12 are welcome to participate in our kid’s track, however, this is not a drop off program. All children must be accompanied by an adult who is on site and attending the conference.



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