For CGHS Students: You Can Apply for Summer Jobs Now

Attention Common Ground High School Students: While you are home this week, one thing you can be doing is applying for summer jobs at Common Ground and through the City of New Haven!

Where do I apply for summer jobs with Green Jobs Corps?

 Summer 2020 Green Jobs Corps Application

When is the Green Jobs Corps Application due?
The deadline for the Green Jobs Corps application is Friday March 20th and is completed using the Google Form.
I want to apply to be a summer camp counselor at Common Ground. How do I apply
Applications for Summer Camp Counselors can be found HERE. Applications will be considered until all positions are filled. 
I need a copy of the Youth@Work Application. Where can I find it?
If you are unable to print the Youth@Work Application form, send me an e-mail directly as soon as possible and we will coordinate a way to get a hard copy to your home.
When is the Youth@Work Application due?
The Youth@ Work application deadline is postponed while City Hall is closed. Once City Hall reopens, there will be a 2-week window for submitting applications. However, you can complete the application now and have it ready to submit whenever City Hall reopens.
Do I have to complete both applications?
Most of the placements in Green Jobs Corps requires you to complete both the Green Jobs Corps Application and the Youth@Work application. Those jobs are listed here:
  • Common Ground Summer Camp Counselor (for this job, complete the camp application and Youth @ Work application)
  • CitySeed
  • Mobile Market
  • Farm Crew
  • Site/ Schoolyards Crew
  • Kitchen Crew
  • Friends of Edgewood Park
You do not need to complete a Youth@Work Application to apply for the West River Stewards.
What if I want a summer job but I don’t want to work for Green Jobs Corps?
We’ll miss you but that’s okay! The Youth@Work application puts you on a list for all worksites in the City of New Haven! I highly encourage you to submit the Youth@Work application to be considered for a summer job at one of the other worksites!
I don’t live in the city of New Haven. Do I qualify for Youth@Work?
YES! ALL Common Ground High School students qualify for Youth@Work and are encouraged to apply.
I applied for a spring placement. Will we still have jobs this semester?
We are monitoring developments closely and hope to have more information for you all soon.

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