Common Ground High School is Seeking a Full Time Nurse

Common Ground High School seeks a full time School Nurse, Monday through Friday.  Overall responsibilities include the following:

  • Facilitate routine health screenings
  • Maintain student health records
  • Provide student consultations while on campus.
  • Other duties as outlined in responsibilities below

The School Nurse responsibilities include:

  • Implementing program objectives;
  • Collecting data regarding the health and developmental status of the individual;
  • Identifying and evaluating individual chronic health needs and referring as appropriate;
  • Assessing and making referrals for injuries (including first aid) and acute illnesses;
  • Coordinating and implementing mandated screening tests;
  • Discussing and counseling students and parents/guardians on findings and implications of health assessment/screenings;
  • Administering medication and providing specialized physical health care procedures as prescribed;
  • Communicating with parents/guardians and health care providers regarding student’s response to medication and procedures;
  • Collaborating with evaluation/intervention teams to discuss and plan for health, safety and educational needs of individual students in the school community;
  • Providing health information/in-services in the schools and community;
  • Maintaining school health and immunization records;
  • Responsibility for the training and supervising of the administration of medication by school personnel;
  • Responsibility for the training and delegating of specialized physical health care to other school personnel;
  • Collaborating with other health care providers and educators to identify, design, implement, and evaluate health curriculum;
  • Assuming responsibility for pursuing continued professional growth and development through education and national certification;
  • Participating in research concerning school and community, including the collection of health data, evaluation and outcomes;
  • Acting as an advocate for the health rights of individuals and their families in the school setting and community at large;

The School Nurse adheres to and incorporates the Standards of School Nursing Practice while performing his/her responsibilities, as adopted by the National Association of School Nursing.

  • Possession of a valid, current Registered Nurse license issued by the State of Connecticut;
  • Graduation from an accredited National League of Nursing (N.L.N.) program with: a Bachelor of Science Degree in nursing, or a diploma from a three-year hospital school of nursing, or an Associate Degree in nursing;
  • Two years full time employment in nursing within the past five years, preferably one year in public health, pediatric or emergency room nursing or related specialty;
  • Current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification;
  • Valid and current Connecticut driver’s license;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the principles, practices and techniques of professional nursing, including growth and development of school-aged child and youth;
  • Ability to provide direction and guidance to others on the health team;
  • Knowledge of current community health issues;
  • Knowledge of functions and services of other community agencies and resources

At Common Ground, a truly diverse community of 215 students from 17 different towns experiences a mix of high academic standards, active learning and leadership opportunities, and small school supports that are producing dramatic educational results. More than 90% of our students are accepted to college, and our students’ graduation rates and test scores have pushed above the state average.

Common Ground is particularly eager for candidates who help us fulfill our commitment to building a racially and culturally diverse faculty.

Common Ground is committed to the recruitment and retention of staff that is reflective of the communities we work with. We strongly encourage applicants from people of color, immigrants, women, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ community, and other underrepresented and historically marginalized groups.

How to apply:

Please send cover letter and resume to Liz Cox, School Director,



It has been the policy and will continue to be the strong commitment of the Common Ground and all contractors and subcontractors who do business with Common Ground to provide equal opportunities in employment to all qualified persons solely on the basis of job-related skills, ability and merit. Common Ground will continue to take Affirmative Action to ensure that applicants are employed and that employees are treated during employment without regard to their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, mental disorder (present or past history thereof) age, physical disability (but not limited to blindness), marital status, intellectual disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and criminal record. Such action includes, but is not limited to, employment, promotion, demotion or transfer; recruitment or recruitment advertising; layoff or termination; rates of pay or other forms of compensation, and selection for training, professional development, attendance at conferences or other opportunities for advancement. Common Ground, its contractors and subcontractors will continue to make good faith efforts to comply with all federal and state laws and policies which speak to equal employment opportunity.

The principles of Affirmative Action are addressed in the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments of the United States Constitution, Civil Rights Act of 1866, 1870, 1871, Equal Pay Act of 1963, Title VI and VII of the 1964 United States Civil Rights Act, Presidential Executive Order 11246, amended by 11375, (Non-discrimination under federal contracts)< Act 1, Section 1 and 20 of the Connecticut Constitution, Governor Grasso’s Executive Order Number 11, Governor O’Neill’s Executive Order 9, the Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Law (Sec. 46a-60-69) of the Connecticut General Statutes, Connecticut Code of Fair Practices (46a-70-81), Deprivation of Civil Rights (46a-58(a)(d)), Public Accommodations Law (46a-63-64), Discrimination against Criminal Offenders (46a-80), definition of Blind (46a-51(1)), definition of Physically Disabled (46a-51(15)), definition of Intellectual Disability (46a-51(13)), cooperation with the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (46a-77), Sexual Harassment (46a-60(a)-8), Connecticut Credit Discrimination Law (360436 through 439), Title I of the State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972.

This Affirmative Action Policy Statement re-affirms Common Ground’s commitment to equity in the workplace and the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity.

Contact at Common Ground: Betsy Sneath, Director of Business and Administration, 358 Springside Ave., New Haven, CT 06515 (203) 389-4333.


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