Common Ground Board of Directors Meeting Minutes: Sept. 27, 2021

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New Haven Ecology Project

Board Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2021

Board members present: Kyeen Andersson, Gioia Connell, Christopher Hayes, Beth Klingher, Peter Ludwig, Monica Maccera Filppu, Joseph Melendez, Charles Negaro, Carly Osborne, Bob Parker, Errol Saunders, Terri Snell, Deloris Vaughn

Staff present: Bev Greene, Cherry Pacquette-Emmanuel, Aisha Mobley, Rebecca Holcombe, Deborah Greig, Shanequa Sturgis-Nash

  • Welcome 
    1. Bob Parker called the meeting to order at 5:37. Seeing no public comment, Bob moved on to Business Requiring Approval. 
    2. Public Comment: None 
  1. Business Requiring Approval (TIME)  
    1. August 30, 2021 Meeting Minutes
      1. Charlie moved to approve the August 30th Minutes, Carly seconded the motion. The minutes were approved unanimously. 2 board members abstained
  2. Invoices Needing Approval (5:42)  
    1. Thurston $8,077.97, food and supply orders for School Lunches throughout September
    2. All Performance Environmental Monthly bills for this fiscal year, $5157.25 per month until June 30, 2022
    3. Corporate Systems Consulting $49,024.00. See invoice detail here, chromebooks and staff laptops for Emergency Connectivity Fund Application
    4. Henry, Raymond & Thompson $9,950 for annual audit of CGHS finances, EFS review, State Single Audit, and Federal Uniform Guidance Audit
    5. Legend Holdings $18,922.00 (NHEP will pay $5108.94, CGHS will pay $13,813.06) Capital contribution for new benefits system 
      1. Peter  moved to approve all invoices requiring approval and Joseph seconded the motion. The motion to approve the invoices for Thurston, Performance Environmental, Corporate Systems Consulting, Henry Raymond & Thompson, and Legend Holding were approved unanimously.
  3. Executive Director Report (6:05) (Monica)
    1. Beginning of School Year Report from CGHS School Director
      1. Introduced Dr. Nash, new Assistant School Director
      2. Introduced Aisha Mobley, New Director Culture and Climate
    2. Covid update
      1. All classes and students in person
      2. 1 confirmed case of Covid in September; 17 unvaccinated close contacts were quarantined; 0 cases of in school transmission
      3. 100% compliance with Vaccine Mandate for staff (1 religious exemption)
  4. Audit Committee (5:44)
    1. The Audit Committee did not meet in September – pending the completion of the FY21 audit
  5. Building Committee (5:45)
    1. The Building Committee met on September 22 to review progress on building plans and consider short term solutions to parking challenges on campus
      1. Bev gave an update on the process to identify an architect to design an additional classroom building on the Hilltop lawn.
      2. We need at least 2 more classrooms to meet our programming needs; Charlie shared concern that we build to meet all our needs. 
      3. In addition to classroom space, we have challenges with parking and erosion control
  6. Development Committee Report (6:35)
    1. Members of the Development Committee met on September 21 to complete an “Art of the Ask” training with Development Director Kimball Cartwright. Upcoming:
      1. Special Board member match fund
      2. Audrey will be in touch in October with a request to get notes to go out with Gratitude Reports.
      3. Development team transitions

Most board members have submitted their pledge form, shout out to the team who put together Feast

  1. Finance Committee Report (6:00) (Beth)
    1. The Finance committee will meet on September 27th prior to the board meeting, to review August financials and discuss a report on revenue sources generated by Treasurer Beth Klingher.
      1. The committee reviewed August financials. Everything looked as expected. Next month we will share 1st quarter projections as well as an overview of the budget – where our money comes from and where it goes.
  2. Governance Committee Report (6:01) (Bob)
    1. The governance Committee did not meet in September. Crichelle Brice, an intern from the Yale School of Divinity will join the governance committee this year to support bylaws re-write and inclusive strategic planning. 
  3. School Committee Report (6:55) (Monica)
    1. The School Committee met on September 9th to discuss a policy agenda and recurring agenda for the year. 
  4. New Business (6:21)
  5. Executive Session (no request to move to Executive Session)
  6. Adjourn (7:30)
    1. Charlie moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:21. Ky seconded the motion. The motion to adjourn passed unanimously.

Next Meeting: Monday, October, 25th

Public Comment: 

In order to comply with adjusted Connecticut Open Meeting laws, any member of the public wishing to participate in the meeting must sign up on the Public Participation Sign-up Document. Sign-ups for Public Participation will open at 5 pm on the last business day before the meeting (Friday, September 24th) and will close at 5:00 pm on the day of the meeting (Monday, September 27th). Public Participation is limited to 2 minutes per person up to 30 total minutes. Anyone wishing to make a statement to the board can also submit testimony in writing to  by 5:30 pm on the day of the meeting. All submitted documents will be included in the publicly shared meeting minutes.


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