Meet Trevor Williams, Common Ground’s New Site & Facilities Manager

Trevor recently joined us at CG as our new Site & Facilities Manager. After School Media Club member — Aubrey Bido — had the opportunity to interview him, along with contributions from fellow club member Alex Almanzar and club facilitator Amanda Byam. 

What’s your job at Common Ground?

I’m the Facilities manager – I do maintenance in the school buildings and all around campus.

What are your previous work experiences? What made CG a good next step for you? 

Before this role, I was self-employed. I do carpentry, plumbing, and more. Before that, I worked for a doctor that had 23 condominiums and I was in charge of all of them. Before that, I was a lighting technician in New York. I used to have to go to all 5 boroughs. But my speciality is trimming – like designs on the walls, around the windows and doors, that’s my speciality. I do painting also, I consider myself a professional painter. Everything else is added on. I serviced fluorescent lights like those in the classrooms. I did lighting in all the C-town Supermarkets in New York, all the stores on Fordham Road. I used to have to drive in all 5 boroughs and then back to Harrison, NY where the company was.

I wanted to slow down. Working for myself was a lot of heavy work that I don’t want to do anymore.

What part of CG made you come here? What motivates you to work here? 

My daughter is a teacher here – Ms. Williams. She told me about the job. Also, the work that they had here for me. I enjoy fixing things. And then the scope of the work that they had here was not as big. The little things I like – I changed the plug on the wall for the HDMI cord and those alarms on the classroom exit doors, I put up.

What makes you want to work in an environment with young people/young adults? 

I love children. I have 6 kids – 3 boys and 3 girls. If I could, I would have more. I like to enlighten, elevate students, and bring people happiness. So if I can help a kid out, who doesn’t look happy, then I’m glad.

Does your job relate to students? If so, what’s your approach to working with young people?

My job really doesn’t relate to the students. But if I see a kid that looks depressed or sad, I will try to help and bring them out of it. Because I am all over campus, I do see a lot of students and talk to them when I can. 

My approach is simple – life. The only way that I can relate to them is if I relate to them. I will always relate to students – I love children and I want to see every kid advance.

In what ways do you contribute to Common Ground High School?

I maintain things around the campus. I fix broken things and keep the place clean. If I see paper on the floor, I will pick it up. I try to keep campus tidy. And I talk to kids if they need help.

What’s one change you’d like to see at CG, and why?

I haven’t been here long enough to know, but maybe in the future I will have some changes I want to see.

What are any goals you have completed while working here? Is there anything you want to accomplish?

I get joy out of picking up a child’s spirit. I was able to speak to a young girl that looked down on campus.

I would like to interact with kids more. Since I got into a lot of trouble as a kid, it inspires me to reach out to them.

Would your younger self see you working here?

I think so. I grew up in Stamford, but I was born in Jamaica. I left there at 12 years old and I am 63 years old now. I loved Stamford. I also lived in the Bronx with my mom. I still love going to New York, especially Brooklyn. I go every week. But I like living in Connecticut.

What do you want students and families to know about you as a person? 

I am a positive person who doesn’t like negativity. Love is my religion. And I never let anybody steal my joy.


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