Meet Denis Granado, Math Teacher at Common Ground

Denis joined us at CG, at the start of the fall semester, as a Math Teacher. He recently sat down with After School Media Club member, Alex Almanzar, for an interview and shared his passion for teaching and education.

What’s your job at Common Ground?

I am a STEAM teacher. I teach 9th graders, 11th graders and 12th graders.

What are your previous work experiences? What made CG a good next step for you? 

I mostly worked in IT as a software engineer. I was a tester, computer engineer, and programmer. I felt I needed a change from IT due to burn-out. CG was a good next step because of my passion for teaching.

What part of CG made you come here? What motivates you to work here? 

The mission statement. The environment is very accepting and understanding. I also admire the school’s educational goals for the students. I’m motivated by the serious need to educate the next generation.

What makes you want to work in an environment with young people/young adults? 

I want to see young people develop progress and evolve. I love to be a part of that process. I’m really inspired by the people who taught me and being able to pass on that generational knowledge.

What’s your approach to working with young people?

My approach is to listen to the young person’s needs and opinions. I don’t ever put a young person down and I accept their goals.

What’s your approach to teaching math?

For teaching math, being an expert in the subject matter is my approach. I believe you need to be able to do objectives properly and know the techniques.

What life experiences made you want to work in education?

I was coaching soccer. I enjoyed seeing the kids’ facial expressions and I really loved watching their progress. 

What’s one change you’d like to see at CG, and why?

I would like to see the administration and teachers follow through on various consequences or statements because subjects are often kept out of word.

What do you want students and families to know about you as a person? 

I want students and families to know that I’m a family-man. I love my family more than anything and that translates into a workplace like this.

What are any goals you have completed while working here? 

Becoming a teacher, in general. I thought myself to be nervous, at first. But, once I started teaching, I wasn’t.


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