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You can contact Common Ground at 203.389.4333.
Individual extensions are noted next to names.

Management Team
  • Faythiya Williams, Chef, x1204, Email
  • Theresa Brooks, Assistant Chef, x1204, Email
High School Front Office
High School Student Support, Opportunities & After-School Programs
Director’s Office
Environmental Education Center
  • Rebecca Holcombe, Director of Community Programs, x1213, Email
  • Schoolyards Manager
  • Alexa Fiszer, Environmental Educator and Kids Unplugged Program Manager, Email
  • Tara Cote, Environmental Educator and Field Trip Coordinator, Email
  • Nyree Hodges, Schoolyards Program Coordinator. x1212 Email
  • Melissa Gibbons, Environmental Educator, Schoolyard Habitat Coordinator
  • Environmental Educators:
    • Flannery Raabe
    • Chris Cane
    • Tim Dutcher
    • Paris Johnson
    • Tricia Mangold Heiser
    • Charlotte Perkins
    • Emily Davies
    • Sasha Lehrer
    • David Girard
    • Cjet Raymond
    • Eric Stone
    • Pablo Uribe
    • Emma Bogush
    • Miranda Bailey-Russomano
    • Shanti Madison
    • Reilly Stevens
    • Emma Hausler
    • Elijah Wright
    • Robyn Stewart
    • Melissa Fredericksen
    • Erica Haddad
    • We also have a large staff of amazing, talented, dedicated seasonal environmental educators!
Site & Maintenance
Urban Farm
To meet our Board of Directors or to read The Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes, Agendas, and more Click Here