Construction update – March 27, 2015

15-3-27 New fenceConstruction time is here and with it, fence is being installed around the construction site.  This means changes to Common Ground’s parking, and as of March 30th, there is a new place to drop off students.  With the fence, you cannot get from the parking area to the paved driveway, the quickest way to get up the hill to the school or farmhouse is the trail leading up by the Harvest Pavilion, or the trail that passes behind the farm.  We will all be more aerobically fit by the end of this project!

Springtime is a wet time and when it rains it is mud season at Common Ground.  Plan your footgear accordingly.  Please share your photos!  Email Kate Cebik at if you have some cool photos of the changes to the site and we’ll put some of them in future updates!

Construction-Site Map-March-25-2015



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